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The war graves - part two.

The war graves - part two.

In the previous post I’ve mentioned some graves in memoriam – the symbolic graves, erected for the soldiers who were buried far away from their homes, mostly at the battlefields thorough the Europe and Asia. 

This is one of them, dedicated to the soldier whose grave is in Nabrezina, Italy.

Certainly there were thousands of such soldiers and one can find a single grave in memoriam almost everywhere. But there is a special memorial that can be found at Prague municipal cemetery, called „hroby v dáli“ (the faraway graves). This is a symbolic grave dedicated to the citizens of Prague who died at many battlefields of the Great War and were buried there. 

The faraway graves - main board with a special prayer. 

Prague WW1 war cemetery with "The faraway graves" on the cemetery wall (in the background).

The names of dozens battlefields or cemeteries could be found there: Tarnow (Poland), Bitloje (Serbia), Pietra Rossa (Italy), Rybno (Galicia, now Ukraine), Gorica (Slovenia)…

General view of the WW1 cemetery. 


There is another interesting symbolic grave nearby. Erected in 1936 in memoriam of Czech seamen in the Austro-Hungarian fleet.

This is the end of our walk through Olšany Cemetery, so there is the last photo from there -        a grave of another soldier from the Great War, with his portrait on the tomb. What rivets our attention is a kind of a poem dedicated to this young soldier:

Dear son and young hero,
Being in warmth memory of all, you have gone far away
You have been heavily wounded on the field of glory and honor, and after the nine months of suffering
You’ve given your young life to the altar of your homeland

Your country was calling you! Believing in your duty
Young and loved by everyone, you have sacrificed your young life
Our memories drizzle on your grave with warmth tears
You’re dead but still alive in our hearts, and the hearts of all that knew you

I hope my translation of it is good enough and I hope you've enjoyed this short walk. Maybe those photos inspired you to visit your local cemetery? The graves from the Great War are almost everywhere and they shouldn't be forgotten.  


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